Youth for Our Planet is the global youth movement calling for world leaders to take ambitious and urgent action on the oceans, biodiversity, the climate and sustainable development.

In 2020/21, world leaders will come together at 5 global environment conferences to make important decisions about nature and the climate. There has never been a greater opportunity to chart the course for slowing climate breakdown and protecting biodiversity for future generations.

Youth must be involved in these decisions.

Youth for Our Planet - Zimbabwe
Our Model of Change
Build Youth Movements
Mobilise young people around the world to take action in their country. Provide advocacy training, networking opportunities and support to sustain the movement.
Take Action
Identify issues for nature and climate in mobiliser countries. Plan actions, campaigns and events around these issues.

Pressure Governments
Young people pressure governments and politicians, through sustained actions and events. World leaders feel this pressure ahead of international conferences, in 2020 and beyond.
Urgent Action Agreed
World leaders are pressured to agree to ambitious urgent action for our planet at the major environmental conferences coming up in 2020/21.
Our Structure
Country Mobilisers
Teams of 5-15 mobilisers lead local/national campaigns and actions in each country.
Regional Mobilisers
Lead & support mobilisers for each global region:
Europe & Middle East; Africa; Asia Pacific; Latin Ameria; North America.
Communications Team
Global communications manager and communications officers. Manage Youth for Our Planet's social media accounts, blog posts and external communications.
Youth for Our Planet Global Coordinator
Supports youth to build movements and mobilise their countries at a global level.
Steering Group
Help to set the direction of Youth for Our Planet.
Steering group members include Regional Mobilisers; Global Coordinator and representatives from partner organisations: WWF-UK, RSPB, CoalitionWILD, Restless Development, GYBN, Youth for Wildlife Conservation, Youth for Nature.
Current partners include: