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Generasi Sadar Iklim/Climate-Aware Generation

Hi everyone! We are GENSALIM (Generasi Sadar Iklim/Climate-Aware Generation), a community who stands on the cooperation between Indonesia and Germany since February 2019.
GENSALIM is a community consists of young people from numerous schools in Malang, Indonesia. The number of members is around 100 more and continues to grow, considering we often do socialization to young people and the community that focuses on mitigating climate change and providing education on strengthening children's rights. GENSALIM members have completed the initial training for 2 days at Malang by the facilitators and learning about climate change mitigation and strengthening the children’s right that we have not known at all.

Armed with this knowledge, we can carry out climate strikes and direct socialization to the public at Car Free Day (CFD). Not only to the adult community but also invite children and young people to join in our activity by participating in a game that we prepared. The games are in the form of Lego games where they have to make an urban arrangement based on Eco Mapping (environmental-based mapping). In this activity, a lot of community response that we did not even expect before.
Our next activity is ‘Inspiration Day’. In this activity, we were appointed directly by the Head of the Malang City Education Department, Mrs. Zubaidah. After the inauguration, we were invited to fill 2 stands at the 2019 Indonesia Green Growth and Sustainability Expo. The event was attended by the Ministry of the Environment and a number of officials. In addition, we can also meet with other communities even among students. In addition to filling the booth, we were also asked to advocate and greet the invited guests who sang Javanese songs and speeches.
In between these activities, we were mentored by EQuIC to form a spirit that loves the environment and solidarity among GENSALIM members. From February to October, we were mentored by 14 tutors with different themes. Among them are peer tutoring, event management, movie making, team building, critical thinking, resource efficiency, climate changes, photography, hydroponics, public speaking, responsible consumption, sustainability lifestyle, marine litters, and leadership. Thanks to our high solidarity, we have also managed to create an open season sharing event with some of the important communities, such as Ecoton, Zerowaste Indonesia, Marinelitter and Plastic-Free Profauna. This event is the peak of GENSALIM's mentoring.
In this event, we applied zero plastic principles. The committee consisting of members of GENSALIM and GENSALIM AMBASSADERS also provided gallons and cups that could be used by the community. We also provide some space for the outside community and some cafes to sell products to visitors, but with a note, they must not use packs of items to be used. We also urge those who sell some food and drinks to reduce packs containing paper plates and or glass cups or melamine cups that are not disposable.
In addition, we have also been invited to fill in a talk show live on Kosmonita Malang radio. We have also been interviewed by several mass media such as Malangpost, urbanasia,, and other media
For our latest activity, we were invited to participate in an international event, Advancing Children’s Rights to a Healthy Environment. Which in this event our activities are more based on strengthening children's rights to a healthy environment. Here we can meet with friends from other countries such as Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Fiji, Cambodia, Samoa, the Philippines and Vietnam. For our friends who are from Indonesia, we met with several communities engaged in the environmental movement. From Medan, Jambi, Bandung Bogor and Lombok together we represented Indonesia for this International event.
Why do we really care about the environment and even willing to take up personal time and school time, and what's in it for us? The environment is the place where we live and if it's damaged, all the living things will receive the impact without exception. That's why we care so much about the environment that we will do everything we can to protect it.