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Raising Awareness 4 Rhinos

My name is I'm Ntiyiso from Nelspruit, South Africa. I run Raising Awareness 4rhinos, a campaign to help raise awareness for rhino poaching.

I started this campaign because I love rhinos and I see myself though it .I feel like I have a deep connection with them. Currently, the rhinos are in critical condition. We are currently left with one female northern white rhino. We lost 8889 rhinos. In The last decade, we have 5000 black rhinos left from about 16000.

This campaign aims to educate young children about rhino poaching and the impact it has in the world, hoping that they will contribute to conservation. I teach kids because I believe that by teaching them while they are young, they can grow up to be conservationist.
Raising Awareness 4rhinos has been running since September 2019. I teach the children everything related to rhinos, and I tell them the causes of rhino poaching. They seem quite interested on what I deliver and they want to know more! So far I’ve managed to reach 900+ kids in 3 schools, currently looking for sponsorship to carry on.
I plan to expand my campaign by trying to get to as many schools as I can without sponsorship and get more people my age to get involved in the campaign. I believe that rhino species has a high potential to be funded for conservation activities. By funding conservation activities you are tackling poaching head on. Campaign that focuses on endangered species needs funding to get up and keep running.
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