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Mangroves; Unsung warrior of Mega-City Mumbai 

By Allan Carvalho, Youth for Our Planet, India.

A tree or shrub that grows in coastal swamps or in the tidal area that numerous entangled roots which hold the soil below and hence creating a natural barrier against the flooding tsunami and cyclone waves is known as mangroves and they even helps to thrive community near the coast.

Photo: Global Landscapes Forum.

Mumbai as a city is blessed with dense biodiversity and forest in the middle of the city. With rampant construction happening all over in the city our wetlands are having a huge threat.
Several NGOs and nature conservationists are appealing to the government to stop these construction activities in Uran & Seawood wetlands. The site in NaviMumbai is a place where a new airport is coming up but this will be a great threat to migratory birds and the habitat in which they thrive. With current laws, the forest department is a paper tiger with no power to take action against such violators. Giving them the authority is still pending with the environmental ministry of India.
Proposed site for New Airport. Photo: India Blooms News Service

Apart from these wetlands act as an urban sponge and a natural flood control mechanism destroying these will lead to flooding in urban settlements. A 289-hectare Panje Wetland in Uran alone, for instance, attracts 10,000 to 200,000 birds during the migration season.
Panje Wetland, Uran. Photo: Pratik Chorge/HT Photo)
Government bodies like CIDCO, JNPT & Navi Mumbai SEZ should closely work with BNHS other NGOs to work on core issues. Birds flight patterns have already disturbed looks like it will create more chaos in the future if the damage is not undone. With a recent appeal from NGO NatConnect, CM Udhay Thackery further the demand for implementing the previous government’s decision to conserve Panje and TSC-NRI wetland.

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