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Global Warming "FACE IT or CHANGE IT"

Earth is Our Home and the only known planet where a healthy environment can thrive which
supports growing and nurturing the living and the non- living things. The environment gives
us countless benefits that we can’t repay in our entire life. But now we are currently facing a
lot of environmental concerns in which global warming is likely to be one of the greatest
threats of the 21st century.

Global warming is the term which is used to describe rise in global temperatures. The earth is
warming up at a steady pace, the reason for this is the increase in human caused greenhouse
gases which have led to health, ecological, and humanitarian crises. Despite this, the fight
against climate change is real opportunity to transition to a low carbon society creating jobs
, innovation and social justice internationally.

Global warming is already affecting the climate by increasing the frequency and intensity of
some types of extreme weathers as warming is causing more rain to fall in heavy
downpours. There are longer dry periods between rainfalls. Wet places are becoming
wetter and dry places are getting to become drier. As we are seeing glaziers are melting at
extreme level and the sea levels are increasing which further causing the floods and in
future some of the most famous cities are at the danger zone of being submerged into the
sea due to rise in sea levels. Heat waves are becoming more frequent and intense, while
very cold days have decreased.

Now, we are at that time where each country must do its part by implementing the plans
and changing the old policies or bringing the new one. It can be start by making laws on
reducing the greenhouse gas emissions, protecting and restoring marine and costal
ecosystems. We as humans also have to do our part as to adapt green resources and we
also have to increase the level of scientific research to observe the effects make the way
possible to overcome it.

“Everyone can’t do everything, but everyone can do something” this phrase has to be taken
as primary and the governments of the different countries and we people has to take the
responsibility for the change. We must understand that if we have taken birth in this
beautiful world so it's our only duty to save it. Our actions will decide the life for Up-coming
generations which they also have the right to have it as we do “BEAUTIFUL and THRIVING”.
So, start today, this very moment and play your part to save our only planet.

-Swapnil Sachdeva
YFOP Country Mobilizer, Asia Pacific