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How Youth for Our Planet Kenya Celebrated Earth Hour!

Earth Hour is a pro environmental ceremony which is scheduled annually on the last Saturday of March. Nearly 190 countries worldwide take place in this event with a ceremonious dignity. Earth Hour began in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, by World Wildlife Fund (WWF). This event has gained massive worldwide recognition. For instance, this year Earth Hour had the theme of “Shape Our Future” and took place on March 26th. Earth Hour garnered a whooping 6.2 billion impressions on various global social media platforms such as Tik Tok and Linkedln. Earth Hour hashtags trended across 42 countries making it the most successful event in Earth Hour's history.
Kenyan Youth took it upon themselves and celebrated this day in a special way. Notably, Youth for Our Planet Group (Kenyan nonprofit youth led organization) organized a pro environmental campaign in Narok town. The team mainly focused on the restoration of our forests and water towers, through planting of trees and conserving the existing forests. Visibly, this awareness was in the form of messages written on posters, templates, songs, and chants "Nature Cannot Wait" ; " Shape Our Future" ; "Earth Hour" ; "Climate Crisis" etc.

The youth maximized this special day by having a peaceful march from Narok Municipality to the Maasai Mara University, a total distance of 2km along Narok-Bomet road. The event culminated in planting over 150 tree seedlings in the Maasai Mara University compound.
Conversely, despite many campaigns and pro environmental activism, we are still very far from meeting SDG & MDG goals. With more than 75% youthful global population, we need to involve youths in decision making and governance.

Lucas Otieno. Youth for Our Planet Kenya

Edited by Maurice Munga, Youth for Our Planet Africa Regional Mobilizer