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Climate striking in Russia

"My name is Margarita Naumenko. I’m a 15 years old girl from Russia. I was born in the north, in Murmansk, but now I am living in Moscow. My interest in climate appeared this year when I have started volunteering. In May I volunteered on a lecture called ‘Education in the Era of Climate Change’. Before this lecture, I have watched Greta Thunberg’s speech at the European Parliament and I have heard something about climate change, but I did not have an idea what exactly does this mean. I think it is because in Russia we do not have a lot of information about this problem. We do not have any books related to the climate crisis. Media do not write about it. I feel like before I was ‘blind’ because I have known nothing. So, this lecture was my starting point. Since May I have read a lot of information about climate on the Internet, in scientific magazines, in social media... I plunged into this topic. I am very sad that it is so complicated to find anything in the Russian language. Yes, I know English. But some people do not. It gave me motivation to speak about the climate crisis with others, to explain the problem to as many people as possible. I am not a politician, I am not a scientist, I am not a celebrity. But nor who I am. I have a voice, I can speak, I understand what is happening. It is enough. How I joined Fridays For Future? Actually, by accident. I am following plenty of groups in social media about recycling because I collect my wastes separately. And once they shared a post about the mass strike in Moscow from Fridays For Future Russia community. I was surprised that this movement exists in Russia. Without thinking twice, I went to the strike. Strike in Moscow was quiet. Comparing to protest in Lausanne I’ve taken part in this August, our strike was too quiet. I think there were only around 40 people. Millions of people live in Moscow, but less than a hundred care? I am worried about it. I am worried about the lack of information. I am worried that people under 18 could not do a single strike. That is what I am worried about. But people from this movement give me hope. They motivate me to act. They say that we CAN change the situation. They believe in me. I am grateful for that. I can say with confidence that I will continue to protest, to spread the information about climate change, to struggle and to do everything possible for a better future!"