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Global warming and climate change emergency YOUTH IS COMMITTED IN BURKINA FASO FOR ACTION

Youth for Our Planet (YFOP): René BAYILI, why is climate change an oppressing issue for Africa?
René Bayili : The earth in general and Sub saharan Africa in particular face major problems. But we have the impression that governments do not work enough to improve things. Many things are done but much remains to be done. In the Youth Sahelians Climate Network we want the planet to be saved. Indeed, increasingly severe and frequent droughts, floods and malaria are threatening the lives and continues to have dramatic effects on the population.  It is not easy at all.
YFOP : What is the situation in your country ?
RB : The climate has been wreaking havoc on seasons. The rainy season between June and September is more shorter than recent past years. Unfortunately, 85% of the country’s population live in rural areas and are completely dependent on the rains for their crops and livestock. That’s why our Organization ‘‘ The Young Sahelian Climate Network (RJS-CLIM)’’ created in 2016 fights against climate change and aims specifically, to: contribute to the implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate and the famous Nationally Determined Contributions (CDNs or NDCs) developed in October 2015 by Burkina Faso; contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, the National Economic and Social Development Plan and any other development policy of Burkina Faso in their aspects relating to climate and the environment; educating youth on the environment and sustainable development; encourage and support youth innovative and significant contributions in the struggle against climate change, and for the protection of the environment.
YFOP : What are you doing concretely ?
RB : Firstly, we are doing a lot of conferences and debates around climate change with our partners, we are training youth in the production of green coal which can be   an alternative to wood and wood coal. Secondly, we are engaged in an Advocacy within the National Coalition for the promotion of renewable energies and access to sustainable energy in Burkina (CNPDER-BF) composed with civil societies organisations. Last but not least, we want  young people get involved in a responsible and eco-friendly management of their living environment in schools and universities, and sanitation actions in different neighbourhoods of Ouagadougou.
YFOP : Your last word ?
RB : We want governments of Burkina Faso to take courageous decisions that will change significantly the situation of rural citizen by helping them be resilient to climate change effects. It is our responsibility as youth to be at the forefront of this fight to spur new hope for the earth.
YFOP : Thank you René.