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Loosing focus while focussing – personal life versus activism life

The last year was incredible – for all people in the climate movement. So little heard and now a global voice and the certainty: We can do it if we work together right now. Climate is a public issue now, a real one, politicians can’t ignore us anymore – at least in public. We are far away from our target and maybe we realized this year how long and hard way will be. But we did the first step and that is what I’m so proud of. And that we all can be. It doesn’t mean we should reduce any of the pressure but after this year it is good to look back and see what we’ve reached so for…to recover energy.
I have also learned so much for myself while working with other people, with the public, how to mobilize, how to speak and much more. And the most important: I can look in the mirror and say I’m doing the right thing. Every day, every hour. I was confident with myself and proud of what I was doing before as well. But this feeling got stronger: I fight for something bigger, something that is too big to touch but it is definitely there. Probably, that seems a little selfish and not charitable. But this feeling is something special, something worth it to spend that much time.
This year, the work took me closer to what I’m convinced of and what is important. I was so focused in getting closer I lost focus on other things, especially the people around me. Although people needed me I wasn’t there for them, I neglected my family, my friends. I didn’t realize it got to far. If I write my sister I can’t listen to her voice memo of three minutes because I didn’t have time. At the same day, I listen to a ten minutes voice memo of another girl, an activist, about a problem in her regional group. And this is just one of many examples. Is this right? For me it is not… looking back I’m ashamed of me. That I did loose focus on while focussing.
I will continue what I’m doing because I love what I’m doing and I like me when I’m doing it –but hopefully not only with a focus on climate but also on me and the people I love. Without the people I love and that love me I can’t do what I love.