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Global Perspective of Carbon Emissions

In order for global net emissions to fall to zero by 2050, and limit global warming to 1.5C, new oil and gas development would need to stop completely, the International Energy Agency said last year. But companies such as TotalEnergies and Cnooc are still going to great lengths, in one of the world’s most sensitive environments, to pull oil out of the ground in what's called EACOP, the world’s longest oil pipeline( 1,443km) from kabaale in Uganda to Tanga in Tanzania
It’s hypocrisy when total brands to total energies with promises of going green yet they continue to burn fossil fuels and China saying they will stop building coal-fired power projects in other countries in order to accelerate the global shift away from fossil fuels yet China is now going ahead with EACOP

The pipeline that carries oil out of the national park will be tunneled under the Nile River, A river relied on by 11 countries, the project analysis doesn’t account for oil spills and what it will do to the people that use the waters of the Nile
Most times the conversation is about what needs to be done and there’s no why, here’s the why, why climate change inaction will affect every one everywhere
The economic damage caused by climate change will likely be as bad as having a COVID sized pandemic every decade so when governments talk about the revenue and the jobs we are telling them that the risks outweigh the benefits

The project will have massive negative impacts on some of the last population of biodiversity like elephants and rhinos there’s isn’t much or there will be no habitat left for these species so making them a priority is really critical for their survival
When we ask people to demand and take action on climate change we are telling them not to wait till we have the climate/ weather that they don’t like, we are telling tell not to wait till the disasters happening else where happen in their countries
Don’t hear about the floods in Australia, the Californian wildlife or the Indian heatwave and say or that’s too far, climate change affects us all regards which part of the world it’s happening, when the ice in Antarctica melts like it’s melting now, it’s going to cause a rise of the sea level which is going to affect all people that live at the coast it’s the same thing with oil pipelines, when there one pipeline that’s being constructed it’s not only going to affect the country where this pipeline is, the heating of this oil will release tones of Green house gases like the EACOP will release over 34 million tons of carbon emissions each year in to the atmosphere henceforth contributing to global warming, yes if we don’t stop giant oil companies from burning fossil fuels in a developing country in Africa it will affect you too as you wonder why summer is getting hotter and you can’t go to the beach

We need a global collective approach towards all things pollution and emissions
People around the world especially the young people must pressurize governments to stay committed to the Paris agreement and not to undermine the 1.5c global goal
If organization like the UN have only decided to talk while emissions keep getting broad then it’s our fight and responsible to safe guard our lives from the threat that climate change is.
There are threats from the Ugandan government and those that work for these cooperation's to activists who are asking the project to stop like of late a Deputy managing director of EACOP was at an event where he said “All those against the project are enemies of Uganda”
I have personally received threatening messages warning me and telling me to back off the project but my reply to them has been that I will stop when they stop EACOP.
We demand China to fulfill their pledge and Total to keep their promise

Written by Kambugu Eria
European coordinator StopEACOP with Fridays for future Uganda and Youth for our Planet country mobilizer Greece