Code of Conduct
We believe it's important that we behave towards each other in a way that is safe and supportive. This means that:

Youth for Our Planet (YFOP) is a movement of young people, led by young people. It is extremely important that we all play our part in making this a safe, welcoming and inclusive movement. Youth for Our Planet is not an organisation, and we will often be working in informal spaces that are not managed or monitored by an organisation. It is important that we all ensure that everyone who joins feels comfortable and safe in these spaces and in any interactions with members of the network. By engaging with Youth for Our Planet (YfOP) forums, activities and events you agree to abide by the following code of conduct, and understand that serious or repeated behaviour that goes against this could result in you being excluded from Youth for Our Planet forums temporarily or permanently.

If at any point you have a concern about someone's behaviour towards you or others, you may confidentially contact This will go directly to the Youth for Our Planet Coordinator who can give advice and support, or take action if necessary.
  • Be respectful, constructive and supportive. This is not a space for arguing a point of view, but for working together on common causes.
  • Bullying, abuse or harassment is always unacceptable.
  • Interactions should not be discriminatory. This means treating everyone with equal respect and professionalism regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, cultural background or experience.
  • This is a movement for those under the age of 30 (except for identified experts/consultants providing support or expertise). We cannot encourage the participation of under 16s in online forums for YfOP. If you have reason to suspect a member is outside the target age range (16-30) or has an agenda other than supporting the YfOP movement please report this to the group admin or YfOP Coordinator so that it can be delicately addressed.
  • Notify the Youth for Our Planet Coordinator (, of any new online groups/pages/chats that are created for the purposes of coordination/planning of YFOP activity.
  • Any new group set up using the Youth for Our Planet brand, name and/or logo should publicly post (eg in group details) and employ this Code of Conduct and invite the Youth for Our Planet Coordinator to be part of the group.
  • Keep people's comments in groups private.
  • If you join groups that are not connected to YfOP in this way, or if you begin speaking 1-1 with other mobilisers or members of the movement, that is up to you, but we will not be able to monitor this or intervene in disagreements.
  • The administrator of any group takes responsibility for deleting posts and/or warning/blocking members who contravene the code of conduct. If an administrator of a group fails to deal with an issue, please contact the Youth for Our Planet Coordinator, and mute or leave the group if it is causing you stress or upset.
  • Consider the impact of a post or linked content on other users, and highlight potentially offensive or upsetting subject matter to empower other members who may be triggered to choose whether to avoid or engage.
  • Announce in the group before inviting new members, and if you join an existing group introduce yourself so that members know who is in the space.
  • Always ask people's permission to collect or share their contact details.
  • Hold ideas lightly and judge others on their merits – if a group is about finding common ground and your suggestion is not picked up, this is just not the moment for that idea to take flight. Keep it in the bank for the future or to input into other forums, and don't respond negatively to other ideas because you prefer your own.